Thursday, 11 April 2013

Showcase WordPress Ultimage Image Gallery - Nivo Gallery


I recently found a chance to built a gaming website using WordPress. I created custom post type for the games, some categories of the developers, games, & some meta boxes to show the price & size of the Game.

The site is based on the Android Games. On the single game view page client needed to have a gallery of the screenshots. I built the gallery using the Custom Image meta box to upload the screenshots. later on I thought it is not a good idea to create so many meta boxes and make the "add new game" page look weird.

While working on the Nivo slider for the same WordPress based Theme. I came across the gallery that was created by the

Showcase Gallery Short Code :

Includes a shortcode system which automatically generates shortcode for each gallery you publish. by placing the short code anywhere on the page or post the gallery appears. Showcase Ultimage gallery plugin has different simple neat and clean layout and styling settings. Click below to view the Showcase Image Gallery - Nivo Ultimate Gallery Plugin.


Adding Showcase Gallery : 

After activating the showcase gallery plugin a new admin menu is added at the end of all the menu items named "Showcase" click to "Add New" and select Images that you want to add in the gallery and click upload. at the right hand size of the screen new short code is generates. short code looks like "[showcase id="44"] or [showcase slug="nin-jump"]" copy the short code and paste to any page or post show the gallery.

You can change the settings below the gallery in the setting tab.

View Gallery Demo

Showcase Ultimate Gallery Plugin Features :

The Ultimate WordPress Gallery Plugin includes a fancy light box, a slideshow and easy to use drag and drop image with SEO options to optimize the Caption, alt and title of the Image.

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