Sunday, 6 January 2013

How to Create Wordpress Theme from Scratch

how to create a wordpress theme from scratch

Hi, I am Aamer Shahzad, a wordpress theme developer.for the last few years i have been creating wordpress themes from scratch. I do not create quality themes may be you like my themes or not but I found it is hard to brows on internet to search for the tutorial who guide us to create the complete wordpress theme from scratch.

So i decided to create my simple blog where i write about it. the reason is to guide the new people to create the wordpress theme either for their blog or website or for the client project or to submit the themes on the themes directory like (free) (premium themes).

If you are here to learn the wordpress theme making certainly you know the basic HTML, CSS and PHP. I an also not very good in these because making theme is simple, just to design the idea and make it working.

Responsive Layout

Responsive layot is the demand of every client. so you should know what is this. the simple is, the layout that fits to every screen is responsive layout. this is a fluid type layout which easily adapt the shape of the device in which the website is opened.

don't worry you are not going to learn how to create the responsive layout. because there are a lot of frameworks that are working on this. you can use them in your projects these are open source.

following are the few responsive CSS frameworks.

  • Responsive Grid System | Link
  • Gamby Framework | Link
  • Foundation 3 | Link
  • Less + Framework | Link
  • Golden Grid System | Link
  • Less Framework 4 | Link
  • Fluid Baseline Grid | Link 
  • 1140 CSS Grid | Link 
  • Skeleton | Link
Read this article to get the one you like more.

Study any of these frameworks and in the next tutorial i am going to tell you how to create a very basic layout with this in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading this. Good Bye...

Part 1 : Responsive layout & CSS Framework.
Part 2 : Creating the theme Layout

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